What and How We Can Use Twitter 2ed

How can we use Twitter in education

        There are many was to use Twitter in education for students, teachers, and professors.  As an English language program student I can create an twitter account for my classmates and tweet the new and exciting  words that we have learned.  and each person will define this word in his own way.  Also to find out were are people are for example tweeting by asking were is the classroom at?  then by using google earth we are able to find were is the class room exactly at.

        plus as a classmates we can create an account as a reminder to tweet the dates of the quiz ,test, and homework.  however on twitter we can communicate with experts.  there are many experts that we can find on twitter to ask them questions and get the answers.

          If you are a researcher you may use twitter as a research diary for your daily classroom like for reporting and sharing.  Teachers and professors can create a twitter account to tweet with links for lessons video that they have created for students who missed on of their classes. IF a professor saint a group project and the students are too busy to have a meeting.  They are able to tweet to exchange ideas.

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