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Google Hangout: is a really interesting of what we are able to do with Google Hangout. It is a unique tool, but very useful. Google Hangout just made things easier for many people especially the once who are taking online classes. Also for classmates to discuss a project that they are working on and not having any time to meet in public.  This is a blog that explains Google Hangout much more Google Hangouts

Google Docs and Drive: are tools that have been created recently, but they are very useful. For example I am able to save any kind of document with them and open it when and wherever I like.  This blog tells more about it Learn About GOOGLE DRIVE AND GOOGLE DOCS!!

Scoop It: to be honest is a tool that I did not understated very much, but it might be useful for many people. This is a tool that allows you to edit the picture that you have and do many things to it. This is a blog that may give you more information about it SCOOP IT- BE YOUR OWN MASTER!

Diigo: is a wonderful tool.  That just make everything much easier. There is many ways that I can use Diigo for. For example highlight articles.  This is a blog that talks about it more  What Is Diggo and How to Use It


What Is and How Can We Use Twitter

There are many Social Media tools.  Twitter is one of the tools that have been created recently.It have been created in March 2006 and by three man Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone.  Twitter was useable for people  by July 2006 and its logo looks like a bird.


Twitter By Andy Melton CC BY-SA 2.0


                                                                                                 Twitter By Andreas Eldh CC BY 2.0                                                                                                                          

 What can we do in and with Twitter?  Twitter is an online Social networking. It is so easy to create an Twitter account only few simple requirements. It is a Service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 letters.  you can follow as many people as you like and have many followers as you can.  Twitter has been described as the SMS of the Internet.  you can make an Twitter account for any kind of purpose for example educational purpose.

However there is something that only exists on Twitter called Hashtag.  Hashtag is a link that you can create with any name that  you like and by clicking on your hashtag you will be able to find a list of people that are talking about the same subject.   Also  We are able to use Twitter on cellphones.  Each cellphone brand has its own reference to download Twitter on it.

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What and How We Can Use Twitter 2ed

How can we use Twitter in education

        There are many was to use Twitter in education for students, teachers, and professors.  As an English language program student I can create an twitter account for my classmates and tweet the new and exciting  words that we have learned.  and each person will define this word in his own way.  Also to find out were are people are for example tweeting by asking were is the classroom at?  then by using google earth we are able to find were is the class room exactly at.

        plus as a classmates we can create an account as a reminder to tweet the dates of the quiz ,test, and homework.  however on twitter we can communicate with experts.  there are many experts that we can find on twitter to ask them questions and get the answers.

          If you are a researcher you may use twitter as a research diary for your daily classroom like for reporting and sharing.  Teachers and professors can create a twitter account to tweet with links for lessons video that they have created for students who missed on of their classes. IF a professor saint a group project and the students are too busy to have a meeting.  They are able to tweet to exchange ideas.

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Saudi Arabia Is High Power Culture Dimension

There are many countries in this world, but each country has its own culture.  For example, Saudi Arabia culture is different from many other cultures.  Saudi Arabia has  high powered cultural dimensions.6093591982_ea6d559360_oEgland World By Doug88888  CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Saudi Arabia culture is very different than the other cultures in many ways.  For example we like to eat home cooked food more than fast food or restaurants.  Also the way we dress for official occasions like for work and wedding is different than some countries.  The weekdays and weekends in Saudi Arabia is various than many countries.  Unlike many countries in Saudi Arabia women don’t drive, but they have the right to own automobile and a private driver.   If a woman in Saudi Arabia would like to go out to a Mall or anywhere ales she will have to wear Hejab4117448252_7254ca118a_o

Modren Hijab by kamyar Adl  CC by 2.0

Here is a situation that will prove my point of view.  Lets say I am a new employee in a company.  Am doing my job and everything that I sign up for this job to do.  Sudden my boss asked me to do something that his was required to do. Without any hesitation I will apply for his require because I simply obey a person with a higher position than me.  Situations like this happen in any kind of company or ministry that has job ranks in it.

Another thing can happen is that if I am a person who is trying to get something or achieve something and I felt that I might need someone’s help to make it much easier for me. Simple I would try to find a person who works at that place with high rank position that I know and he will do it for me.

Some People use their high rank or power for their personal needs.  For example I am a manager for a back branch.  As any person if I wanted to get a new credit card or a new account I should go to the section for it. But as a manager for the bank by a one call I can have it with a mint unlike a regular customer will wait for 10 to 50 mint for that.